My Around-The-World Packing List

As I’m writing this, I am actually also packing my backpack for a trip around the world. My friend and I are going to Fiji for three weeks. We have a transfer in Abu Dhabi, and have decided to travel via Sydney. You don’t get to be in this area of the world that often, you know. I am beyond excited and the realization that we are actually going to this wonderful place on earth still hasn’t dawned on me.

What I am looking forward to the most? Relaxing on one of the many islands in Fiji, enjoying the sun, and getting to learn a completely new culture. Also, I’m pretty thrilled to go to Taronga Zoo in Sydney, because packing

But a journey to the far end of the globe does take some preparation. I already had my vaccinations from my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia earlier this year, as well as a large and functional backpack, so that was done. The application form for the visum to Australia took a long while to fill in, but was approved in mere minutes. Thankfully. Accommodation has been arranged, as we will be staying with my friend’s family for some nights as well, which we are super grateful for.

But what do I take with me on a trip such as this?

Here are my essentials:

  • A book. Preferably a big one, or a small non-fictional one which takes a bit longer to read. This time, I’m reading Cosmos by Carl Sagan.
  • My phone loaded with offline Spotify playlists. I always make special ones for longer holidays. Here’s the one I made for this trip.
  • Powerbank. I absolutely love this, it just makes me feel that bit safer to know that my phone can be charged even without a socket.
  • Earplugs, nightmask, and travel neck pillow. To make sure I can sleep soundly on the plane, the airport, or a hotel, I always bring these items.
  • Sweatpants. For the first time ever, I wore sweatpants on a flight when I went to Vietnam. I am never going to stop wearing this when I’m on a long journey.
  • Sunscreen and anti bug spray. For some reason the sun hates me and mosquitoes love me, so I have no choice but to bring these two essentials, if I don’t want to look like a bumpy tomato.
  • Extra set of clothing. I’m way too scared that my backpack won’t arrive, especially with transfers, so packing an extra set reassures me. A little bit.
  • A notebook. Filled with important telephone numbers and adresses, and lots of empty pages so I can write down all my experiences.
  • Something that reminds me of home. A picture, or a small stuffed animal. Anything that I can hold onto when I miss my parents or my cat.

What are your travel essentials? Any tips on what I should add to my list?


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