Vienna: 5 Great Places to Eat

Every year, my mom, sister and I go on a girls weekend abroad. So far, we’ve already been to Antwerp, Budapest, Cambridge, Dublin and Edinburgh. This year we went to Vienna, and it was beautiful.

My mom had been in Vienna many times before so she was our tour guide for this trip. And may I just say, she did a splendid job! It helps that this is one of her favourite cities and she knows basically everything about it. Especially some great places to go for something to eat or to drink!

Here she is in the Hofburg Palace!
  1. Beim Haufmeister: Located close to St. Stephan’s Church, Beim Haufmeister is a family-run restaurant with a cozy terrace. Also, it serves the greatest Wiener Schnitzel ever. Enjoy it along with the Austrian light beer Gösser.
  2. Volksgarten Pavillon: Situated in the Volksgarten, one of the bigger parks in Vienna, the Pavillon has a wonderful terrace surrounded by trees. Just a 5-min walk away from the Natural History Museum and National Art Museum. Especially nice to visit after a warm summer day to enjoy the homemade lemonade. Also hosts BBQ’s and other social events.
  3. Esterhazykeller: For a relaxing Viennese experience go to the Esterhazykeller, which has a terrace during summer, and is one of several restaurants in the Haarhof; a small courtyard in the city center. Service is great, and so is the food.
  4. Café Central: Vienna has a rich coffee culture. It dates back centuries ago but become prominent in the late 19th and early 20th century. Coffee houses were a place to enjoy coffee with pastry and socialize with others, talk about politics or science, or just to read the newspaper. Café Central is the most famous Wiener Kaffehaus, and in its 140 years of existence was frequented by the likes of Sigmund Freud and Leo Trotzki. Today, it still serves the greatest coffee and the most beautiful pastries. It’s best to visit early, as there can be quite some long lines at the door.
  5. Grinzing: This used to be a small village in the northwest of Vienna, however it is now a suburb. The village atmosphere remains however. You can take the tram from the city center and arrive in about 20 min in a tranquil village which transports you back in time. Grinzing is famous for its wine, which is made in local vineyards. Be sure to taste that in one of the many restaurants on the main road. Don’t expect too much of the restaurants itself though as they have fallen prey to mass tourism.

So, these were some of my favourites! Have you ever been to Vienna? What are your favourite places to eat?


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