Food Truck Festival Trek – The Hague

As you may or may not have read on my Twitter account (you can follow here if you want) I went to visit Food Truck Festival Trek in The Hague last weekend. As the name already suggests, this is a festival with food trucks. How clear can it be, right?

Anyways, this was the first time that the festival was organized in The Hague. Its previous editions took place in Utrecht, and were highly successful. Unfortunately, I was not able to go last time, but since it was in my hometown I had absolutely no excuse not to go. Nor did I want to have one, because food.

For the readers who are (understandably) not familiar with the Dutch language, the name of the festival is very clever. The word “trek” has two different meanings in Dutch:

  1. To travel, or wander around
  2. To be hungry

With this festival being about foodtrucks, the organization could not have chosen a better name. Honestly, I just adore these kind of word plays, they’re the best.

The festival is completely free, apart from the food and drinks that you buy of course. It took place in the Westerbroekpark, which is an amazing park located in the most beautiful and green part of The Hague.

Westerbroekpark in The HagueBut! The food, that’s even more important. I went together with my friend, so we shared everything that we bought so we could try as much as our wallet would allow. First off, we needed beer. Just your regular festival beer, but with less water added, and cheaper. Only 2,50 euros. Great start.

Beer at Foodtruck Festival TrekWe decided to walk around at first, so we could see which food trucks were there and what we wanted to try. My eye immediately fell on this beauty.

Brandt & Levie Foodtruck

Brandt & Levie at Foodtruck Festival TrekA hotdog food truck. But this was not just a regular hotdog making facility, this was Brandt & Levie. An honest and traditional sausage brand that is quite famous in the Dutch culinary world. I was so incredibly happy to see this food truck, as I have been wanting to try their products for years. And my gosh, it was even better than I thought.Hotdog by Brandt & LevieSo here you see a sesame bun, ketchup, mustard, and fried onions. Inside the bun there’s a sausage, and underneath that there’s sauerkraut. I mean, does it get any better really? The flavour and texture of this hotdog was so real and pure compared to the hotdogs you buy in the supermarket. Oh, I’m going to stop writing now, the thought of this dish alone is already making my mouth water.

Next up, we saw this amazing chips food truck which served handmade chips, with the skin on and a big dollop of fresh mayonnaise. Yum.

Handmade fries by FritezThe food truck of Fritez, as the company is called, was great as well. I like the colours, and the chalkboard on the side, which makes the handmade theme even more apparent.Fritez at Foodtruck Festival TrekThe atmosphere on the festival grounds was so inviting and relaxed. Lots of different kinds of people were just enjoying the sun, the food, and the company. Also, there was this gentleman:

Foodtruck Festival Trek in The HagueLook at him just casually playing his vinyls, singing along to the music, while sitting on his tractor. What a guy.

By this point I was already getting full, which annoyed me as I wanted so much more. But I still had room left for nachos with salsa of course. The salsa was so flavourful and spicy. I’m going to try to make one myself, if it works out I’ll post a recipe!

Nachos with salsaFinally, we spotted a food truck called Wheely Good, where they served wraps. Specifically, wraps with falafel. I love falafel so much, but this one was not so tasty as I would have liked. They were properly cooked, and not oily which is the worst. But they lacked in salt and seasoning overall. A real pity as the ingredients were all great.Falafel wrap by Wheely GoodOverall, I must say that Food Truck Festival Trek was an absolute success and I will definitely come to the next one! If you happen to be in The Hague or Utrecht at the time, you should go too!

My friend and I finished this great evening at home with a bottle of the most delicious and soft Kosovar red wine ever. So amazingly good.Kosovan red wine




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  1. Sabina says:

    So jealous! You’re making me hungry.


    1. basilandoil says:

      Mission accomplished then 😉


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