The Corfu Diaries – Part II

The next entry in my travel journal about Corfu. If you haven’t read the first part yet, find it here.

This part will be quite a bit shorter than the first one as we did not do that much. The next two days of the holidays were basically spent sleeping, reading, sunbathing, and swimming. Besides that, we also enjoyed drinking Retsina on the balcony of our house whilst enjoying the immensely beautiful view.

2014-08-02 19.12.08I mean, come on. This is just heaven. Can I go back? Please?

What I love the most about holidays is that I can finally read books again. Like actually read them in a day or two, and be so invested in it that I forget the world around me. This time I read the autobiography of Joe Jackson and the biography of Mick Jagger. Both are really interesting, I totally recommend them!

Anyways, back to the actual purpose of  this diary. FOOD!

On Monday, we drove to the capital of Corfu, which in Greek is called Kerkyra. The city used to be in the hands of the Venetians, of whom you can still see some remnants around the city. The Old Town, as the most touristic part is called, is actually an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s filled with small back alleys, beautiful building which now house museums, and large gardens.

But it also has tons of restaurants. We happened to find a gorgeous one overlooking the sea.

2014-08-04 13.12.16Yeah, not bad right. So what did we eat?

I chose Grilled Swordfish, because honestly, what’s better. This one was beautifully grilled with lots of olive oil and lemon juice, just as I like it. Simple, yet the flavours are so incredibly rich.

2014-08-04 13.27.54My brother chose Grilled Calamari. The name of the dish is quite misleading, as it was actually an octopus and not a squid. Well, actually it was an octopus leg. And I know that it does not look very appealing with all the suction cups. But seriously, try it if you have the chance. Octopus is surprisingly tasty and meaty. Yum.

2014-08-04 13.27.58Another whole grilled fish chosen by my dad ofcourse. This time it was Grilled Dorade. Such a beautiful fish, it’s somewhat rounder at the belly than other fishes, which also yields more meat. Soft and flaky, perfectly grilled.

2014-08-04 13.28.01My sister chose a classic Greek dish which we all probably know. Grilled chicken souvlaki. Nothing else to say about this than absolutely delicious.

Concluding, you could say that the people of Corfu love to grill their meats and fishes, which I think is a great thing to do. Basic preparations which use the best available products result in the richest and tasiest dishes there are. I love it.

That’s it for Part II:) Shorter than the previous one, right! Go me!

What to expect for the next part: even more food and Retsina, and a trip to Albania!


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