Week 1 of the A to Z Challenge

The first week of the A-Z Challenge is over! I’ve seen loads of great posts, came across pretty awesome blogs, and got a lot of nice comments myself as well! Thank you so much, guys! Let’s rock the next three weeks!

Here’s a re-cap of what I made the last week:

A is for Arancini
Sicilian stuffed rice ballsarancini

B is for Bustrengo
Apple pie like you haven’t had beforeitalian bustrengo

C is for Caprese Salad
The classic Insalata is perfect for summer nightsIMG_1281-0

D is for Dining in Italy
Find out how to have dinner Italian-style

This post is part of the A-Z Challenge, which lasts the whole month of April. For more posts on Italian Cuisine, click here.


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