Soul Food (That’s a What I Like)

Well, isn’t the quote below just one of the truest things you’ve ever read?

Everyone can follow a recipe, everyone can learn a dish step by step. But to make it special, you need to have feeling for the food, for the ingredients, and for the flavour. A lot of passion and love goes into cooking. There is a reason soul food exists. For me, it’s important to not forget why I love to be in the kitchen; to make others happy, forget everything around me, and simply focus on creating something delicious. Don’t lose your soul.

food quote

Tip! Listen to “Soul Food (That’s a What I Like)” by Lonnie Youngblood to feel the soul! The guitar in this song is played by none other than a young Jimi Hendrix, when he was still named Jimmy James back in 1963 in one of his first professional recording sessions.


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